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Were you aware that...

Corporations and authorities do not care about you!

These parasites are more concerned with controlling your time, energy, and property.

So maybe we can...

Delete this fucking nonsense from our reality! Here's a few possibilities...

Did you know...

You can use your computer equipment to help solve problems plaguing your life that you didn't even know existed!

You can use your computer equipment to help solve problems plaguing OTHER'S lives too!

Safe and Friendly AI?

"CADIA Clause: The license granted in and to the software under this agreement is a limited-use license. The software may not be used in furtherance of:

  • (i) intentionally causing bodily injury or severe emotional distress to any person;
  • (ii) invading the personal privacy or violating the human rights of any person; or
  • (iii) committing or preparing for any act of war.

Good luck trying to defend yourself...

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